Forgiveness and emotional wellbeing

Forgiveness and emotional wellbeing

As researched by Luskin, Ginzburg & Thoresen (2005), forgiveness is another skill that has been shown significantly effective to improve five areas of well being: anger management, degree of hurt, problem solving, interpersonal hurt and psychosocial functioning.

(Harris et al. ,2006) proved through a large intervention study of 259 adults of a manual-based cognitive behavioral intervention that forgiveness training has visible results in improving perceived stress, state/trait anger, levels of optimism, physical symptoms of stress, self reported health, forgiveness self-efficacy and forgiveness likelihood.

The forgiveness training developed by Dr. Luskin was based upon the principles of cognitive disputation, mindfulness meditation and guided imagery. Forgiveness may be used in reducing anger as a coping style, reducing perceived stress and physical health symptoms, and therefore may intervene in immune and cardiovascular health in daily living.

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