Wellness Alliance

Vision and Mission

Wellness Alliance is a consulting service for businesses and individuals about how to increase wellness and quality of life through research-based tools. Wellness Alliance has a holistic nursing paradigm, that integrates the body, mind and soul. Its mission is to promote holistic wellness into real world.

[ For Companies]

Wellness Alliance recommends ways to increase employee well-being through space improvement, wellness activities, health coaching ,  a wellness portal. Wellness Alliance connects your company with valuable wellness providers and resources.

[For Individuals]

Wellness Alliance offers health coaching and counseling about the client chronic condition. Main focus is to support each individual own efforts, commitment and work.

Wellness Alliance

Wellness Alliance site motivates companies and individuals to work towards improving their wellness. Its objective is to guide its users into bringing new healthy changes, setting wellness goals, and pursuing them successfully. The purpose is helping individuals to become aligned with their deepest well being and life aspirations and vision.

Inspiring Elements

One of its inspiring mentors is Stephen Covey with his Seven Principles for Success. Wellness Alliance extracts its holistic philosophy as well from research based wellness literature, and from spiritual and motivational authors.

Categories of Wellness

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness means to feel positive emotions and a sense of wellbeing.  There are very many positive emotions that  one can feel: peace, gratitude, love, empathy, enthusiasm, passion .

There are many pathways that bring us positive emotions: aligning with our deepest dreams, aspirations and passions , having harmonic relationships, harmonic communication, thinking of a dear person, engaging in a motivating event, talking with an encouraging friend, daydreaming, listening to the favorite music, reading an inspiring book, connecting with  loved ones, meditating, living mindfully.

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness is to feel good in our body, relaxed , rested , nourished , and with all senses (touch, taste, sight, auditory sense, sense of smell, inner intuition) satisfied. Resting, hydrating, eating well, stretching , having a satisfying sex life, doing physical exercise, maintaining our body clean, caring for our skin, hair are some means to physical wellbeing.

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness define a level of awareness, interconnectedness, unconditional love and caring, by serving a higher interest than yourself, through serving others and the environment. It also implies expanding out of yourself and becoming connected with the humanity in a compassionate way.

It has been found that the higher purpose one is involved with, the higher degree of happiness it brings to that person

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual wellness is about discovering your strengths and intellectual passions, boosting your knowledge, creativity, focus and performance, according with your interests, by training with experts.

Social Wellness

Social wellness is to stay connected with others , in friendly as well as meaningful ways, to spend time for fun, share and communicate our deepest passions , interests and challenges, as well as to engage in activities that contribute to the welfare of others.

Occupational Wellness

Occupational wellness refers to your well being at work, including harmonic relationships with management and colleagues, low stress and creative environment, clean space, nonviolent communication, good pay, proper training and assignments, flexible schedule,

( including afternoon, evening hours, part time, advisory roles for high level positions, according to each member capacities ), ergonomic conditions at the desk, breaks for stretching and movement, available healthy snacks and meals, water and healthy drinks, appropriate light, air temperature, noise level, protection against sexual harassment, any kind of harassment ,public smoking, strenuous movements, occupational hazards( heavy weights, unsecured falls, excessive sun exposure, dust, infections, emotional overload).

Environmental Wellness

Environmental wellness refers to living in a clean, safe environment , with clean water, soil, air, clean energy, recycled materials, supporting a sustainable living, animals friendly , free from : potentially dangerous radiation, electro-magnetic fields, polluting wastes and chemicals, with protective laws for the vulnerable populations against toxic drugs, toxic foods ingredients, illegal drugs, pornography and other addictive, health damaging behaviors.

Your Benefits

Being healtier and more energetic

Being happier and more meaningful

Being alligned with your life goals and true passions

Being connected with the others and loved

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Our Premium Area

Research based articles form a data base of up to date knowledge from all areas of wellness and address issues that  the reader would like to learn more about such as basics about healthy sleep, healthy eating, relaxation, relationships.

Wellness Questionnaires/Wellness Goals / Private Diary

In this space,  the user is offered  the opportunity to read the Wellness Questionnaires,  self assess his wellness  priorities and goals, plan  his wellness steps and reflect on his journey.


Company Forum is  a stage for successful wellness experiences to be shared between members, with their description, emotions felt and pictures.

This place hosts wellness activities suggested by us and  initiated by group members, such as community trips, hikes, running, biking events, yoga groups, motivational workshops and cultural or relaxation getaways.

Wellness Vision Board

Inspired  after the vision board  brought by Jack Canfield, the wellness vision board aspires to be a powerful engine that pushes you toward your wellness goals.


Afiliated Partners

Research based Articles

Research based articles form a data base of up to date knowledge from all areas of wellness and address issues that  the reader would like to learn more about such as basics about healthy sleep, healthy eating, relaxation, relationships.

Contact Us

Email: wellnessalliance.us@gmail.com

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