Meditation and its health benefits to health

Meditation and its health benefits to health

Meditation has been effective for overall wellness,

stress reduction, as well as treating a wide variety of conditions.

Meditation is practiced on its own or  as a component of yoga, tai chi, qi qong and other practices.

Benefits of meditation on healthy people are multiple such as:

it alleviates  trait anxiety and ruminative thinking and

increases self-compassion, makes the person to appreciate

the present moment and focuses the mind, it enhances

self-awareness and increases insight, peacefulness, quality of life.

Meditation has been healing in chronic health conditions such

as cardiovascular, (by producing meaningful reductions in blood

pressure and heart rate , and decreasing the risk for stroke and myocardial infarct) , in stress management, diabetes, cancer, chronic pain disorders, in substance abuse, in addictive behaviors (obsessive compulsive disorder, gambling, etc )

in youth population conditions : attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities,

reduces anger ,hostility,  in post-traumatic stress disorder, memory loss.

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