Our Wellness services

Health and Wellness Coaching

Company Employee / Individual Client

The session lasts 45 minutes. Our wellness coaching session is holistic integrating body-mind and soul. You will be given wellness questionnaires and asked to focus on the most significant wellness goals you will like to focus on the following months. We will create together a Wellness Plan, as well as a Wellness Vision Board.

Your goals will be simple , in baby steps, and SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic/relevant , time bound )

If you suffer from a chronic illness, you will be offered research based resources to help you cope with and manage them better.

Prices  First session : 50 $

Follow Up 3 Sessions : 140 $

Follow Up 5 Sessions : 180 $

Follow Up 1 Session : 40 $

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Corporate Wellness

    Your company will be recommended the following:
  • A better space that predisposes to wellbeing
  • Healthy measures, internal and external activities for employee wellbeing and team unity
  • IT tools, poster boards that promote wellbeing
  • A wellness and health portal, that includes customized chronic conditions
  • Connection with high performance wellness providers from your area
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