Wellness assessment 1

Wellness assessment 1

Respond to the list and reflect about  your routines and create some new questions of your own :


Physical Wellness


List your favorite physical exercises- activities

Write what stretching and balance exercises you practice if any

Think about which are your tips for a healthy sleep

Write what fruits and vegetables you take with your regular snacks and meals

Think about your use of excessive animal fats in your diet


Emotional Wellness:


List the routines that relax yourself

Meditate about the music you like to listen to

Reflect on what makes you feel good

Write about things that make you feel happy


Social Wellness


Reflect about ways you should express your gratitude and support to friends and close groups

Meditate about the social circumstances that benefit you the most

And what makes your relations great

List social activities you are involved in, to better the community and the world


Occupational Wellness

Is you work office an ergonomic space ?

Describe in what environments you are most productive

What habits bring you the most productivity and make you feel in charge?

Reflect about your wellbeing routines you have during your work day


Financial Wellness


List ways can you increase your financial knowledge?

Reflect on how you can  attract abundance

Focus and write about how you can avoid wastes

Do you invest in charitable projects


Environmental Wellness


Reflect about the environmental projects you have involved or would like to involve

Create -develop one of your own that you feel passionate of


Intellectual Wellness


What networking activities benefit you? How can you benefit the most of them?

What authors, books, blogs are inspiring?

What activities and groups benefit exploring?


Spiritual Wellness


Describe what spiritual practices benefit you on a daily basis

How can you make your work more meaningful?


Personalized Wellness Goals


Based on the above, which are the topics you are passioned in exploring more

and would like to focus during the following months

Write one or two


Then create a goal or an activity for each one! Good luck!




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