Wellness assessment 2

Please , describe your routines here,,,,

Create some new questions of your own


Physical Wellness Questions:

What is your favorite physical exercise ?

Do you practice stretching and balance exercises ?

Do you hold a healthy sleep?

Do you give yourself  fruits and vegetables with your regular snacks and meals?

Do you watch for excessive animal fats in your diet?/ Do you fast from meat for ethical/ animal cruelty reasons?


Emotional Wellness Questions:


What relaxing activities do you enjoy doing ?

What music do you like to listen to?

Reflect on what makes you feel good and  you need to do more ?

What activities give you joy?

What makes you happy and satisfied?


Social Wellness Questions:


How stable are your relations with others?

How do you express your gratitude and support to your friends?

What friends  benefit you the most ?

How often you meet with your friends or people who inspire you ?

Are there charitable or community oriented  activities you involve in, to better the community and the world?

Occupational Wellness Questions:


In what environments are you most productive?

What would you improve about your work routine (in scheduling, planning )?

What habits bring you the most productivity?

What are your big obstacles in organizing your best work routine?


Financial Wellness Questions:


Who are your inspiring figures/personalities alive or afterlife that can inspire and teach you about financial prosperity?

How can you create  financial prosperity in a meaningful way  ? What are your pathways?

How can you best manage money ? What do you have to take care of?

How do you avoid wastes?

How do you increase your financial knowledge?


Environmental Wellness Questions:


Do you hold an environmentally friendly conscience?

How often are you active in environmental organizations ?

Do you recycle right?

Do you grow your natural  environment by purchasing and planting trees, bushes, flowers?

Do you take care of the quality of your environment water, air, sound ?

Do you use biodegradable home cleaning products and other home accessories?


Intellectual Wellness Questions:


What networking professional events are you going to ? How frequent?

What learning workshops/classes/courses are you taking?

What activities do you like doing  to explore and discover new things ?

Do you have a new hobby?

Do you put in order  your academic work / file it/archive it for later use and public sharing ?

Do you participate at workshops, seminars, conferences where you can share your  professional work  and ideas?



Spiritual Wellness Questions:


What is most important to achieve in your life?What steps are you taking for it?

Which people and resources can help you?

What spiritual practices do you hold?Do you pray or meditate? How often?

Which are your best times and places?

How do you honour the memory of your ancestors and   those from afterlife who have inspired and inspire you ?

How can you make your work more meaningful?



Personalized Wellness Profile


Based on the above assessment which topics you would need to pursue more?

Write one or two. Create  a goal and activity  for each one. Good luck !

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